Monday, 12 November 2012


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DDtank English


DDtank Pro

DDtank 3 

Version : 4.2
Coins : 999999
Free Item if u Play !
Boatyard Works
Card Works
Pet Works


DDtank stronda is now online .. rare items on the shop go go 

Admin~ BearPORNxD

DDTANK system link ---->

You can see the Panel there in the picture just follow it

Admin ~ BearPORNxD 

Coins - 9999999
Cards- ok
Boatyard- ok 
Sports fight- ok
Fortune wheel is working here :) lots of good items
Angel jar- ok

The admin will release the panel here and i will update you guys :)
for now lets play ddtdarkness

24/7 working like ddtank3 :)

Good day everyone ^_^

Admin~ BearPORNxD

DDtank Brazuka II
Link :
Coins : 999,999
Gold : 999,999
Voucher : 0

Gain more coins in sports fight :)

Admin ~ BearPORNxD <--- DDTANK2

Cards- ok
Sports Fight- ok
Pet- ok
Boatyard - 30% bug

Admin ~ BearPORNxD

link painel senha: 123456

Dont use 99999 as yours stats .. your account will ban 

Good day

Admin ~ BearPORNxD

Lets play:

Cards working
Cultivation working
Pet system working
Sports fight working
Boatyard working

Note: if you get DC just change channel instead of refreshing or reconnect :)

Gud day everyone :D

Admin ~ BearPORNxD <----

Panel 3.0
Login : ddtexplosion
Senha : 123456

Cards ok
Less DC
Pet ok
x5 exp bonus in Sports Fight
Angel jar for more weapons


Admin~ BearPORNxD

DDTank PRo :

Link :

Coupons: For Battle
Voucher: Battle For
Golds: For Battle
Version: 4.0 v2
Browser: Google Chrome

with free coins enjoy :)
after registering your name refresh the page then finish you first task :)

Admin ~ BearPORNxD

Lets play

Add me IGN : Hiroshi



Happy Day to all
System DDTank 

e2 muna tayo :)) sali kau league Big!Gravelin lvl 10 league  
lvl10 armory lvl 5 shop lvl 10 backpack 

Admin ~ BearPORNxD

Gunny2 DDTANK 

-Cards ok
-Pet ok 
-Boatyard ok

Play SF to gain more coins

add me

Gudmorning everyone ^___^ 

DDTank System II BETA/we need 300 people online on the server depending on the results will change for version II website:

Its only BETA working for 1 week from now :) 
you can report bugs .. comment bellow 

Admin ~ BearPORNxD

1)ღDDTank Proღ -->

2)ღDDTank Dragonღ --> 

3)ღDDTank Ageღ -->

4)ღDDtank Systemღ -->

5)ღDDTank Explotion SIღ -->

6)ღDDTank Explotion SIIღ --> (未开服)

7)ღDDTank Webღ -->

8)ღDDTank PVGAMEღ -->

9)ღDDT FIREღ -->

10)ღDDTank Chaosღ -->

11)ღDDTank Onlyღ -->

12)ღDDTank Age IIღ -->

13)ღDDTank Darkღ -->

14)ღDDTank Tunderღ -->

15)ღDDTank Royalღ -->

16)ღDDTank Neeticomღ -->

17)ღDDTank Skyღ -->

DDTank Boom

Web :

+15 Gold 

100% Up Weopen

My ID : jxlau999 / jxlau153


By Deam

DDTank only
IGN : AdeDboys

New Admin ~ Ade Yana D'boys